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About WSJU Radio

Who We Are

WSJU Radio is a fully operated radio station that is run entirely by the students of St. John's University. WSJU is home to various On-Air Personalities and hosts, sports reporters, top of the line music producers, and professionally working DJs. Throughout the year, we host various events like "Open Mic" nights, watch parties, large scale interviews, and more! We want our members to have all the tools they need to pursue a career in broadcasting while also opening the doors to an opportunity to have their voices heard and their talents displayed! 


Our Departments


Once you complete 10 hours of observation and proper board testing, you are eligible to start your very own radio show! You will have full creative power of writing, producing, and music choice. You will learn from actual WSJU Radio hosts about all the aspects of live radio and podcasts. Talk about what interests you, bring in guests for interviews, and create customized playlists to share with listeners! We have had various high-profiled interviews with stars such as Dave East, Sheff G, Sal Valentinetti, and many more.


WSJU Radio Sport's broadcasters provide coverage of various St. John's Sports teams, including live coverage from SJU basketball games in Madison Square Garden! We also report on outside sporting events and discuss professional and college-level athletics. If you're interested in sports, this is definitely for you! 


Our station is comprised of talented producers, working DJs, singers, musicians, etc. The resources provided by the station will help you hone your skills and make some of your own music and custom playlists. We have members representing WSJU at some of the biggest St. John's events like Home Games at Carnesseca Arena, "Tip off" events and Open Mic NIghts. So come in, learn from professionals, see how the equipment works, and show us what you can do! 

Making Music

"Join the Conversation"

Our tagline is, "Join the Conversation" for a reason. We want out membership to grow and to help more people join the conversations that interest them. After then hours of observation and proper board training, you become an active member and are able to create your own show with interviews, grow your skills as a DJ, perfect your craft as a producer, or maybe even report from the sidelines at Madison Square Garden! So, join the conversation and lend your voice to "The Voice" of SJU. 

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