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"How do I join WSJU Radio?"

If you would like to join WSJU Radio, come visit is in Marillac Hall room 424 during the school year! We accept all throughout the semester so please feel free to speak to one of our staff members at the station.

"What are the requirements?"

WSJU Radio is a St. John's University co-curricular organization that is open to all SJU students. You must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher. 

"What kind of positions are open at WSJU?"

There is the E-board and M-board. E-board positions are General Manager (President), Programming Director (Vice President), Secretary, Public Relations Executive, Music Director, News Director, Sports Directors, Production Manager, and Executive DJ.

In order to be on E-board, you have to be part of M-board which helps work under the positions above. You must be an M-board member for a full school year before running for a position. 

"What are the rules and regulations you follow on-air?"

WSJU Radio is a college radio station, Our on-air format content, and ethics follow those of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). We also broadcast while keeping in mind that SJU is a Catholic Vincentian University. Our content is also based on the regulations set forth by the SJU office of the Dean of Student Life.

"Can I make requests?"

Yes, all of our DJs would be more than happy to take your requests. We would also be happy to "shout out" people on-air as well as make song dedications for you.

"Do I have to go on air to make a request?"

No, when we first receive your call it is off-air. We understand not all listeners want to go on air, therefore, we can play the requesting without putting on the air. If you want to, please ask the DJ hosting the current show. 

"How else can I request a song?"

You can request a song by DM us on Instagram @wsjuradio

"Do I have to be a Communications/Journalism Major to join?

No, majors of every kind are welcome to join!

"What kind of music do you play?"

WSJU is a variety college radio station. We do not strictly stick to one specific genre. We have many different Music Departments including: Alternative, Hip Hop, R&B, Indie, Pop, Country, and etc.


No Food or Drinks allowed in the station, besides water. Water cannot be brought inside the booth! Eat in the hallway outside of the station, in the Marillac basement, or elsewhere, but not in the station!

No chewing gum in the station! Place your gum in the trash can before entering the station!

No cursing on the airways. If it happens, make sure to press the black dump button located right next to the board in Studio A.

Missing two shows without valid excuses will result in your show removed from the programming schedule. You have to contact the E-Board, in particular, the Vice President/ Programming Director if you cannot make your show. 

Producers in Studio B must keep the music down during the shows because it can distract and disrupt the hosts/guests. The music has been so loud at times that the mic’s picked it up in Studio A and it translated on the recording. 

If you refuse to allow the members of the sports in the booth of Studio A to do the broadcast or given them a difficult time because it's your showtime, this will result in a one-week suspension of your show. 

Notify host to end their show early so that you can start your show early will result in a one week of your show. 

If you clip the speakers in Studio A because you are playing the music too loud, which could result in blowing the speakers, this will result in an indefinite suspension of your show! The radio station is not a party or club, there’s no reason to be blasting those speakers! 

While hosts are doing their shows, do not distract them in the hallway or from the back booth! Just walk by and get to where you are going!

You must leave your show 5 minutes early so that each host has time to set up for their show! This is how a professional radio station works! If you go over your slot time, your show will be suspended for a week! 

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