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Brooklyn, New York, the spirit of Hip-Hop invaded the city, and Brooklyn Bowl was Ground 0. The Frank White Experience, a band hailing from upstate came through and like a scene straight from the Mask, took the form of Hip-hop greats. In one night the Spirit of The Notorious B.I.G, The Soul of Lil Kim, and The Swag of Lil Cease not only graced the stage but took the Brooklyn Bowl back in time. This was a night to remember with an act you can't miss.

If a guitar solo could manifest a hand and smack sense into you, it did last night it did at Brooklyn Bowl. From the stage to the bar, the crowd couldn't stop rocking. Between the guest appearance from Weather Park and the raw live drumming, I'm positive that another chamber of Wu-Tang opened. I'd be negligent if I didn't mention this part of the show inspired the crowd to open up as someone did the worm from stage right to stage left.

The best part of the show hands down is when the drummer transforms into an emcee and trades bars with the band's lead mic. This is only comparable to a perfect run on Rainbow Road 64. If you blink and miss a turn good luck catching back up. I had to put my camera down and just watch what was unfolding in front of my eyes, lest I miss the best of last night in Brooklyn.

Comparison: Michael Bay with an unlimited SFX budget

Rating: 4.5 stars Best way to spend 25$s in Brooklyn

Jeramiah Lyons

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