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Upcoming Artist: CFK

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Hailing from Central New Jersey, CFK, a junior here at SJU and started his rap career here in Queens.

Going to class in the morning and heading into the studio right after. Living in New York has given CFK a whole new type of inspiration, and is determined to make a name in the rap out to show the world. In his two years of rapping seriously, he’s released a mixtape with his friend Drew Dolo in their duo Mixed Over Rice  and released his solo debut mixtape Just A Kidd, which now has over 4000 listens on Spotify. His debut single Messy has over 15 thousand plays. Heavily inspired by artists such as Freddie Gibbs, Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Redman, Big Pun, Big Sean, etc. CFK has always wanted to make a name in music, and only time will tell how well he does, but one things for sure... CFK is a king, in his mind and on the outside, and he will express it no matter what anyone else thinks! He’s very proud to be apart of SJU and believes he has a lot to show the university.

Soundcloud Page:

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